An LPO (Linear Pluggable Optics) solution offers considerable power savings for optical interconnect by removing the digital signal processing (DSP) function from the pluggable optical module. This architecture takes advantage of the capabilities in each segment of the link to form a power, cost, and latency optimized connection while maintaining the flexibility of pluggable optics.  The focus of the LPO MSA is to specify module and network equipment level interoperability requirements that span both electrical and optical technologies.  Starting at 100 Gb/s per lane, the LPO MSA will ensure multi-source solutions necessary for a broad ecosystem.

LPO Features

  • The LPO MSA develops electrical and optical interoperability specifications for a diversity of high-density networking equipment and pluggable optical modules based on LPO technology
  • The networking equipment includes switches, NICs, and endpoints that include native Ethernet connectivity (such as GPUs)
  • Ideal for high-speed, high-volume applications such as AI and high-performance computing

LPO Benefits

  • Significantly lower power consumption
  • Meets and exceeds link reliability requirements
  • Lower latency (vs. DSP-based solutions)
  • Lower module cost (vs. DSP-based solutions)
  • 100 Gb/s per lane operation extending to 200 Gb/s per lane
  • Enables a broad ecosystem of LPO module manufacturers and LPO-enabled networking equipment